News : (21/06/2004)
New Songs Pages
A new feature has been added in our Songs part of the site You can track now down the latest songs as they appear on the charts, on the New Songs pages. The pages give you the 200 most recent songs, covering the releases of the last month.Got any ideas on a new feature? Post in the forums about it!... (10/05/2004)
News Editors Wanted is seeking highly motivated news junkies with exceptional writing skills to help us post music news. Applicants should have excellent writing skills (in English), the motivation to provide a service to music enthusiasts like themselves and the required free time. To apply, use the ... (08/05/2004)
Russian and World Soundtrack/OST Charts!
The big bear has come to The long-waited Russian chart is here. Based on sales and airplay data form all over the great country, our Russian chart brings you an interesting mix of local and international hits. The Russian chart is published every Thursday. But this is only ... (01/05/2004)
Forum Changes
Lots of changes have been made on our forums structure: - Most country/regional forums have been merged into Chart Chat/World. USA & Canada, UK, Europe and Australia & N.Zealand remained - Classic forum is gone - Alternative and Modern Rock were merged - Soul & Hip-Hop were divided into ... (01/05/2004)
India Chart expands to the east even further. After China, India has been added to the list of local charts. Charts from a total of 27 countries are now presented on (06/03/2004)
Chinese Chart Added is quickly... taking over the world as soon there wont be a country we wont have a chart for :) The Chinese chart is our latest addition. It's based on airplay (mainly from Peking, Sanghai and Hong-Kong) and sales (from the entire country) data. China Top20 will be availiable every ... (15/02/2004)
Year-End Charts 2003 is proud to present it's Year-End Charts for 2003. Each's song's and album's chart history for the entire year has been weighted to produce 38 Music Charts, consisting of 10 Worldwide and 28 Regional Charts from 26 Countries. To compare, see also the 2002 Year-End Charts.... (20/12/2003) Adds Forums!
In a reversal of the decision we had taken almost two years ago, we have added forums to the site! Providing more freedom (on topics of discussion) and ease(tons of new features) to our users, the forums use the (what else?) latest vBulletin software. The new status will be a combination of the comments ... (03/12/2003) Radio! starts a new service today, providing weekly audio and text guides to the news songs that should be heard everywhere! Our audio mix provides samples from our 10 most wanted news songs of the week, including our powerplay. Meanwhile, the launching page also includes commentary on the ... (02/11/2003)
Members System Implemented
A significant change has been made in our comments area. A members system(from now on you can only post comments if you are registered) has been implemented, which will allow for: - Exact identification of posters - Protection of usernames - Minimization of chance people using multiple identities - ... (07/01/2003), The Last 5 Months
They say that if you have an unupdated homepage it means that you are busy with serious things(unlike people who have nothing better to do than update their personal sites :)). It seems that something similar must occur with websites, as we have been so busy with daily updates and site enhancements ... (09/08/2002)
Artists Pages!
A new feature was added on our site today. Artists pages are here to give you a summary of everything on our site around well, an artist :) Specifically, the page (example: see the page for Shakira) lists the songs of an artist with statistics on the total weeks on charts, total number of charts the ... (01/07/2002)
T40C: Changes, Changes, Changes
We've neglected to write down the changes occuring on our site, as we had focused on making them :) Weekly newsletter gives you the most importants news and chart information in your mailbox Your Country's Charts in the home page (automatically finding the right charts!) News headlines drop-down ... (23/01/2002) Adds 5 New Charts!
We are glad to announce the addition of 5 new charts. Increasing our total number of charts to 35, the new charts are: World Latin Top 30 Singles - compiled from sales data from Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Portugal World RnB Top 30 Singles - compiled from RnB charts of UK, USA and Australia ... (17/01/2002)
Bye Bye Forums, Hello Comments
A significant change occured today on our site, as we said goodbye to our forums. After six months, while usually succsefull, this type of communication proved not perfectly matching with the setup of our site. In their place, we've added a simple to access and use comments system. It's main features ... (04/01/2002)
Denmark Chart And 4 More Site Enhancements
Work on never stops! Changes on our site in the last... 24 hours: Denmark The official (as all our charts) danish charts is now included. Green Several parts of the site (including the earth map on the top right and the main menu) have become... greenish. Let us know if you ... (03/01/2002)
Page Charts: December 2001
Our site charts, covering the month of December Most visited pages (overall) 1. Home Page 2. Main Charts page 3. Billboard Top 40 Singles 4. Europe Top 20 3. UK Top 40 Singles Most visited charts pages 1. Billboard Top 40 Singles 2. Europe Top 20 3. UK Top 40 Singles 4. Billboard Adult 20 Singles ... (03/01/2002)
Artists Directory Opens
We are glad to announce the opening of our Artists Directory! Currently containing 1697 singers and groups, the Artists Directory gives you one more way to quickly access information in our database. Beyond the expected alphabetical sorted listing, you can directly see the related songs and news articles ... (25/11/2001)
Page Charts: November 2001
Our site charts, covering the month of November Most visited pages (overall) 1. Home Page 2. Main Charts page 3. UK Top 40 Singles 4. Finland Top 20 5. Main Forums page Most visited charts pages 1. UK Top 40 Singles 2. Finland Top 20 3. Japan Top 20 4. German Top 40 5. Canada ... (24/11/2001)
Layout/Feature changes
The following were made today - Charts pages: Drop-down chart selection menu moved to the top of the page - Charts pages: Top 40 charts no longer split in two pages - Song pages: Dates on position graphs now link directly to the chart of the specific week - All pages: new backround image doesnt give ... (22/11/2001)
Page Charts: October 2001
A bit delayed, here are our site charts, covering the month of October Most visited pages (overall) 1. Home Page 2. Main Charts page 5. Billboard Top 40 Singles 3. Main Forums page 4. Main News page Most visited charts pages 1. Billboard Top 40 Singles 2. Japan Top 20 3. Canada Top 40 4. Finland Top ... (22/11/2001)
The latest addition to our site is our global search box. Found on every page of our site at a position you cant miss ;) it allows you to search our Artists, Songs and News database. Given the opportunity, we should note that our site now contains 1601 artists, 2502 songs, 1667 news and 26325 rows ... (01/10/2001)
Page Charts: September 2001
Here are our new site charts, covering the whole month of September Most visited pages (overall) 1. Home Page 2. Main Charts page 3. Main Forums page 4. Main News page 5. Spain Top 20 Most visited charts pages 1. Spain Top 20 2. Japan Top 20 3. Canada Top 40 4. Belgium Top 20 5. Sweden Top 40 Most ... (13/09/2001)
Color, Chat and 5 Chart Updates
New stuff around our site since Monday - Color! Touches of orange and blue have been added our site. Hopefully the changes will make for a more pleasant and interesting browse through our pages! - Chat! We now have our own chat room, just click on "chat" on the menu, enter your name and join us! ... (10/09/2001)
'New posts' feature on forums, 22 Charts updated
Changes on our site since Tuesday: - There is a new link on the forums menu, giving you instant access to the latest posts on all the forums. And if you browse around the forums, you might want to check the statistics page. - 22 Charts updated! Billboard Adult 20 Singles (15/09) Billboard Country ... (10/09/2001)
Layout changes, Page Charts!
More site news on the same day! - Layout changedWe've changed our layout a bit, removing the search boxes on the right side, and giving much more room on the main area. This will give you more usefull content on the first look. The search boxes will be returning soon in a different and more usefull ... (05/09/2001)
New CDNow Releases, 16 Chart Updates
Changes on our site since Friday: - Shop page updated: 26 new releases from CDNow, from Mike Stern to MC Lyte and Muddy Waters to Matthew Jay! - 16 Charts from 14 countries were updated Japan Top 20(01/09) Austria Top 40(31/08) Belgium Top 20(31/08) Europe Top 10 (02/09) Finland Top 20(01/09) France ... (31/08/2001)
Shop page is here!
Today we've opened our Shop page, or at least it's first version. The page features the newest releases on CDNow of all kinds of music and at perhaps the best prices on the net! As for new charts, here the updates of the last days: Argentina Top 20 Canada Top 40 Billboard Country Top 20 Singles Billboard ... (28/08/2001)
Austria update, Changes in news pages
Changes on since yesterday's news article: New features in news pages - Better navigation on the main page as well as the categories pages - Direct link to the appropriate forum on categories pages - Links to next/previous news articles on, well, the news articles pages :) Austria ... (27/08/2001) news start today
As of today we will begin informing you about the smaller and the bigger changes in our site. From chart updates to new features, if there is something new around the site, you'll find it in this news category!But let's get started with the updates of the weekend(as well as of today). The following ...

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