News Reviews 07/11/2004

Single reviews released 8 November 2004

by Jenny (Staff Writer)

U2 - Vertigo: U2 - The Irish band is returning on business with the new single Vertigo. Vertigo shows us why U2 considering as the most significant Rock band of the latest 20 years. Vertigo, an epic U2 track with big guitars and soaring vocals, was produced by Steve Lillywhite at the band's Hanover Quay Studio in Dublin.
The single also features another brand new track, 'Are You Gonna Wait Forever?,' along with a cover of Neon Lights which was originally written and recorded by Kraftwerk, plus a Vertigo remix by Jacknife Lee. The song rules the airwaves all over the world; it is No1 four weeks now at iTunes (US, UK, German, France stores!). Recommended (5/5).

Jamelia - DJ/Stop: Jamelia's new single is to be the lead track in the new Bridget Jones film. "Stop", part of her first double A side single, due for release on November 8. "Stop" was originally hit for Sam Brown in 1988, is the lead track from the new Bridget Jones film starring Hugh Grant, Renee Zellweger and Colin Firth, which opens on November 12. The producers of the film approached Jamelia to record the track to illustrate an integral part of the film.
'DJ' is the main track though and it has a real American feel, as if Missy Elliot or The Neptunes have been involved in it somewhere. One thing is for sure, this girl has got rhythm, soul and style to spare and is a genuine British talent that we can be proud of. The video unsurprisingly features a lot of footage of her very long legs, which she isn't shy of showing off! But it's her music that remains her biggest asset. Definitely the UK's answer to Beyonce! (5/5)

Delta Goodrem - Out Of The Blue: Delta's back with new single/album after the excellent "Innocent Eyes". She's got a new look and a new sound that is different from the first album but still good, starting with the first single from the album "Out of the Blue" which should be released this Monday. This has been in waiting for a while due to her having to recover from a form of cancer. Out Of The Blue, the first single of the album "Mistaken Identity," is already gaining a lot of spins on UK radio, a beautiful pop-ballad. Would definitely recommend getting the album if you liked the first one or just get it anyway because Delta Goodrem is that good! (4/5)

Blue - Curtain Falls: After ten Top 10 singles and three No1 albums, Blue are back on tune with new single "Curtain Falls". It's built around a sample from Stevie Wonder's legendary song "Pastime Paradise" and sees the lads returning to their harder edged urban roots. Wicked stuff from Duncan, Simon, Lee and Antony. If you watch the video on TV you are going to like it, they showed some clips of their old videos on the small TVs. (3/5)

The Darkness - Get Your Hands Off My Woman (New Version) [Download Only]: Get Your Hands Off My Woman' is all good, old-school rock n roll. "I've got no right to lay claim to her frame / She's not my possession," then adding, "you cunt", but then, mid-sentence, he decides to screw the sensitive sentiment, and screams, "Get your hands off my woman, motherfuckeeeeerrr!"'You cunnnt! Get your hands off my woman motherfucker, Ow!' - renowned for its high calibre swearing, is enough to make a manically depressed, impotent 60 year old man rock his thermal socks off. Old habits die hard, indeed!
The first 15 seconds of "Get Your Hands Off My Woman" show all other faux-rockers how to do it right: drummer Ed Graham and bassist Frankie Poulain begin with an intro that's like an engine idling, the guitars of brothers Dan and Justin Hawkins steadily increasing in volume, and when Justin comes in with an incredible, two-second, rock 'n' roll scream, the song kicks into full gear, a blast of unadulterated riff rock that sounds straight out of 1984... The single is available only for DOWNLOADING [search for something similar to the iTunes UK online store] (5/5).

Dizzee Rascal - Dream: Dizzee Rascal became the hottest name on London's underground. Nineteen-year-old Dylan Mills (real name) reflects on the roller-coaster of megastardom. His thought-provoking lyrics, distinctively piercing and poignant delivery, and original production have made him one of the hottest stars of the UK urban scene!
"Dream" has a loopy charm and simple philosophy, and Dizzee's infectious exuberance for the track leaves him unable to resist adding his off-key vocals to the central lyric: "You've got to have a dream/ If you don't have a dream/ How you gonna have a dream come true?"
Dream boldly heads into musical-theatre territory and, against the odds, makes something charming from Captain Sensible's dire version of Happy Talk (from South Pacific). BUY IT! (5/5)

Finn Brothers - Nothing Wrong With You: I remember the first time I heard Finn brothers... It was early 90's when all we saw songs like "Don't Dream it's Over," "Weather With You" and "Fall At Your Feet" become transatlantic radio hits. Twenty-five years of career, this single should finally find the Finn Brothers a wider, if not mainstream audience. Recorded primarily in various studios around Hollywood and New York State, the song is enjoyable.
'Nothing Wrong with You' is an uplifting and heart rending ode to a self assured person; Vocally, Neil seems to dominate. This isn't surprising since of the two, he has the better voice. At times it almost seems like a Neil solo album with Tim providing support. "Nothing Wrong with You" has enjoyed top dog position as 'record of the week' on BBC Radio 2 during the second week of October. (4/5)

Hanson - The Underneath Acoustic EP: The songs on this EP are awesome done with the acoustic way: just Hanson, guitars, piano, tambourine etc. "Underneath" is Hanson's first studio set since 2000's "This Time Around." Musicians who collaborated with the Hanson brothers on the new album include Matthew Sweet, Carole King, Greg Alexander (New Radicals), Ed Robertson (Barenaked Ladies) and Michelle Branch. Hanson scored its commercial breakthrough with its 1997, bubble-gum hit "MMMBop." At that time, Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson were 16, 13 and 11 years old... (3/5)

Jamie Cullum - Everlasting Love: Jamie Cullum releases a new single on the Universal Classics label. Entitled "Everlasting Love" (originally recorded by Love Affair, who topped the charts with it in 1968), it is another track which is going to be released this week, taken from the soundtrack for the film Bridget Jones 2 (The Edge of Reason).
Cullum kicked the disco out of the dud "Everlasting Love," and the track has lost its 'power'. I am sure Jamie Cullum can do much better tracks than this one. The cd-single contains 'Everlasting Love' plus 'I Get The Sweetest Feeling' - which will only be available on this cd and nowhere else. (2/5)

Mase feat. P. Diddy - Welcome Back/Breathe, Stretch, Shake: After a 5 year hiatus Mase finally comes back with his new album Welcome Back. The two tracks (double A-Side cd-single) include great beats, good guest appearances and several standout tracks. "Welcome Back" is an awesome song with a heavy beat and a sample from the original TV show "Welcome Back Kotter" and is a great way to feel the current RnB music. Then comes the "Breathe, Stretch, Shake" track feat. P. Diddy in the chorus' background (I was disappointed that he didn't have his own verse) and an awesome beat.
Mase is doing exactly what he set out to do and that was to bring in positive hip-hop (something that has become a foreign concept now-a-days). (5/5)

Mercury Rev - Secret For A Song: Mercury Rev release a download-only single on November 7th. Entitled 'Secret For A Song', it is taken from the band's eagerly awaited new studio album 'The Secret Migration' which is released on January 24th. 'Secret For A Song', a beautiful sweeping slice of pure Mercury Rev gold, will not be available on any other format until the albums release. It is clearly indebted to both Led Zep and Pink Floyd and though piano led it features some stunning guitar work from Grasshopper along with a rhythm line worthy of John Bonham and John Paul Jones. Just brilliant! (5/5)
PS: Mercury Rev is the supporting band of Nick Cave and the Bad Seed's European Tour in November/December.

Steriogram - Walkie Talkie Man: The first time I heard these guys was on the radio. I said to myself "what the hell..." and prepared myself to change the station, but something stopped me. I listened in a little more and couldn't help but be intrigued. They sound like a 70s punk rock/ hip hop/ hardcore band. They actually seem to have some good talent which so many new bands lack anymore. They do seem slightly generic to me but something sets them apart from the cookie cutter pop emo crap you find all over the place anymore. I still do take a good liking to them though, very catchy. The sound vaguely reminds me of an early Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
I suggest anyone who is into almost any kind of music go out and purchase this cd, you won't be let down. (3/5)

Twista feat. R Kelly - So Sexy: Twista, the Chicago music pioneer has spent the last few years creating hits with Ludacris, Timbaland, P. Diddy, Too Short and more. 'So Sexy' is featuring R.Kelly and it is a song about sex worth listening too. R. Kelly on the chorus is great - he and Twista go well together. A very catchy love tune, Radio stations and UK music industry needed a tune like this, excellent! (4/5)

Archie Bronson Outfit - Here He Comes
Bebel Gilberto - Aganju
Blue - Curtain Falls
Boom click - High Tide
Bright Eyes - Lua
Bright Eyes - Take It Easy (Love Nothing)
Caves - Wow Machine
The Damned - Smash It Up
The Darkness - Get Your Hands Off My Woman
The Dears - Lost In The Plot
Delta Goodrem - Out Of The Blue
Dizzee Rascal - Dream
Echelon - Plus
Ellements - Walk Right Now
Ethix - Give It 2 Me
Eye Opener - Hungry Eyes
Finn Brothers - Nothing Wrong With You
Hanson - The Underneath Acoustic EP
Hayseed Dixie - Ace Of Spades
Hiding Place - Cruel Kindness
Hood - The Lost You
Jamelia - DJ/Stop
Jamie Cullum - Everlasting Love
Joanna Newsom - Sprout And The Bean/What We Have Known
Kaptain Black - Drone The Queen Bee/Overeaten
Lcd Sound system - Movement
Mark Lanegan - Hit The City
Mase feat. P. Diddy - Welcome Back/Breathe, Stretch, Shake
Mercury Rev - Secret For A Song
Mutts - Mutts EP
Nas Ft Olu Dara - Bridging The Gap
Prince - Cinnamon Girl
Prosaics - Aghast Agape
Rebelski - Play The School Piano
Soulsavers - Closer EP
Steriogram - Walkie Talkie Man
Twista feat. R Kelly - So Sexy
U2 - Vertigo
V - You Stood Up
The Wedding Present - Interstate 5

Singles Release Schedule

November 15
21 Gun Salute - Cracks
The 411 - Teardrops
5'o Clock Heroes - Time On My Hands
Anastacia - Welcome To My Truth
Archie Bell and The Drells - A Thousand Wonders/Here I Go Again
Avril Lavigne - Nobody's Home
Beastellabeast - Final Mistake
Blues Explosion - Hot Gossip
Bravery - Unconditional EP
Crane builders - So What Could I Do?/Trouble Is
Cry For Silence - The Longest Day EP
Dawn Parade - Underground
Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan - Silence 2004
Devendra Banhart - At The Hop
Dharma Drive - Audio Porn EP
Dogs - London Bridge/End Of An Era
Doves - Black And White Town
Dragonheart - Video Killed The Radio Star
Elviss - Not Enough EP
Embrace - Ashes
Fabolous - Breathe
Fans Of Kate - Fans Of Kate EP
Felix Da Housecat - Watching Cars Go By
Franz Ferdinand - This Fire
Girls Aloud - I'll Stand By You
Great Northwestern Hobos - Change Your Tune
Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For
Hot Snakes - Mystic Decade
I Dream feat. Calvin & Frankie - Dreaming
JoJo feat. Bow Wow - Baby It's You
Lemar - If There's Any Justice
Mando Diao - Paralyzed
Marques Houston - Because Of You
Martha Wainwright - Bloody Mother ****ing Asshole
McFly - Room On The 3rd Floor
Mercury Rev - In A Funny Way
Modest Mouse - Ocean Breathes Salty
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Breathless/There She Goes My Beautiful World
Onyx feat. Gemma J - Every Little Time
Paul Weller - Thinking Of You
Pellumair - Iris
Polyphonic Spree - 2000 Places
Radio 4 - State Of Alert
Regina Spector - Your Honour/The Flowers
Research - She's Not Leaving
RJD2 - Through The Walls
Six By Seven - Catch The Rain
Snap Ant - You Make Me Basic
Soho Dolls - Prince Harry
The Thrills - Not For All The Love In The World
Twilight Singers - Too Tough To Die
Unkle and Ian Brown - Reign
The White Stripes - Jolene
Willy Mason - Hard Hand To Hold EP

November 22
2Play feat. Thomas Jules and Jucxi D - Careless Whisper
Ashanti - Only You
The Basement - Do You Think You're Movin' On
Battersea Dogs Home Rockford - Christmas Morning
Beat Up - Messed Up
Black Keys - Till I Get My Way/Girl Is On My Mind
Brendan Keeley - I'll Always Be Lonely
Brian McFadden - Irish Son
Busted - She Wants To Be Me
C&C Music Factory - Sweat 2004
Chalets - Nightrocker
Darren Hayes - Darkness
Delays - Lost In A Melody/Wanderlust
Digitonal - The Centre Cannot Hold
Dive Dive - Good Show
Geri Halliwell - Ride It
Go Team - Ladyflash
Grandaddy - Nature Anthem
Hidden Cameras - Ban Marriage
Intenso Project feat. Lisa Scott-Lee - Get It On
Jay Z/Linkin Park - Numb/Encore
Keane - This Is The Last Time
Kelli Ali - Hot Lips
Kristian Leontiou - Some Say
Lemon Jelly - Stay With You
Lisa Stansfield - If I Hadn't Got You
Lostprophets - Goodbye Tonight
Lyca Sleep - Sold Me A Ride/South
Machine Head - Days Turn Blue To Grey
Maximo Park - The Coast Is Always Changing/The Night I Lost My Head
Micah Hinson - Beneath The Rose EP
Midnight Movies - Persimmon Tree
Moving Units - Available
The Music - Bleed From Within
N-Trance - I'm In Heaven
Nelly Ft Christina Aguilera - Tilt Ya Head Back
Nicki French - I Surrender
Nina Jayne - No Ordinary Pain EP
OutKast - Prototype/Ghettomusick
Phantom Buffalo - A Hilly Town
Raghav - Angel Eyes
Regina Spektor - Your Honour Flowers
Shania Twain Ft Mark McGrath - Party For Two
Status Quo - Thinking Of You
Thunder - I Love You More Than Rock 'N' Roll
Tim Bowness - Sleepwalker
Tubby T - Ready She Ready
Ultrasonic - Angels
Uniting Nations - Out Of Touch
Vatican DC - Can't Say Nothing At All
Verra Cruz - Corner Of My Mind
Wolfman - Napoleon
X-zibit - Hey Now Mean Mugging

November 29
3rd Wish Ft Baby Bash - Obsesion (Si Es Amor)
Ash - Renegade Cavalcade
Alter Ego - Rocker
Babyshambles - Killamangiro
Band Aid III - Do They Know It's Christmas?
Big Strides - Suicidal
Bird - Falling Like Stars/Christmas Song
Black Velvets - Get On Your Life
Blue States - Last Blast
Bryan Adams - Flying
Cheeky Girls - Boys Boys Boys
Clinic - Circle Of Fifths
Colour Of Fire - A Pearl Necklace For Her Majesty
The Corrs - Long Night
Dillinger Escape Plan - Under The Running Board
Elefant - Misfit
Fat Joe - Things Of That Nature
Fatboy Slim - Wonderful Night
Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Groove Coverage - Poison
Ice Cube Ft Mack 10 and Ms Toi - You Can Do It
Jive Aces - White Hot Christmas 2004
Joss Stone - Right To Be Wrong
Kanye West - Workout Plan
Lateef & Chief Xcel Ft Maroons - Lester Hayes
Lethal B - Forward
Matt Sharp - Just Like Movie Stars
Metric - Combat Baby
Nadia Almada - A Little Bit Of Action
Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten
Nou - Coco Butta
Performance - Love Life
Razorlight - Rip It Up
The Real Tuesday Weld - Bathtime In Clerkenwell
REM - Aftermath
Snoop Dogg feat. Pharrel - Drop It Like It's Hot
The Streets - Could Well Be In
Tat - Pessimist Live From Another Wasted Summer

December 6
Art Brut - Modern Art
Aventura - Obsesion
Beastie Boys - Open Letter To NYC
Blink 182 - Always
Candidate - Mountain Show
Crossbank Strays - Single At Christmas
Damien Rice - The Blower's Daughter
Death Cab For Cutie - Title And Registration
The Drama - Nothing Can Tear Us Apart
Dresden Dolls - Black Sabbath's War Pigs
Duran Duran - What Happens Tomorrow
Fever - Bridge And Tunnel
Good Charlotte - I Just Wanna Live
Jethro Tull - Jethro Tull Christmas EP
Kylie Minogue - I Believe In You
Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning
Mousse T feat. Emma Landford - Right About Now
Robbie Williams - Misunderstood
Westlife - Smile

December 13
Ashlee Simpson - Shadow/Autobiography
Bo Selecta - Sodapop/I've Got You Babe
D:Rail - How Do I Say Goodbye
Darius - Live Twice
Electric Six - Radio Ga Ga
Goldie Lookin' Chain - You Knows I Love You
John Fox - Mr No
Lindsay Lohan - Rumours
Manic Street Preachers - Empty Souls
Morrissey - I Have Forgiven Jesus
Ronan Keating Ft Yusuf - Father And Son
Skandi Girls - Do The Can Can
Zutons - Confusion

December 20
Charlatans - Loving You Is Easy
X Factor Winner - TBA

January 3
Bjork - Triumph Of The Heart
Ciara - Goodies
Erasure - Breathe
Interpol - Evil

January 10
The Killers - Somebody Told Me
Longview - Coming Down
Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Breakdown

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